I believe that art in all its forms possess the power to provoke and engender agitation, joy and enthusiasm in soul and senses both of people who are opened to it and those whose organs of sense are seemingly not prepared to perceive its manifestations. Therefore, the responsibility of people who take part in creation of art is twice as big and their labour is twice as necessary and essential. That is why I consider that being an artist, composer, musician, poet, director and architect is rather a vocation and privilege than a profession and career.
Tihomir Velichkov   


The art of Tihomir Velichkov is a combination of specific plastic forms, designer solutions and strong individuality.
Tihomir Velichkov graduated in wood carving from the National Arts Academy in 1996. So far he staged two individual exibitions and has taken part in number of joint shows. Interestingly enough, a team of designers and architects with his participation has decorated various interior spaces.
He is searching and experimenting autor. Hes plastic works show the influence of various styles in the light of modern thinking and his personal perception. His decorative furniture and tables impress with their individualism and technical exquisiteness. They are very imppressive and create the feeling of "warmth". The combination of various materials decorate an interior and make it look different.
Tihomir Velichkov is an author with strongly individualistic style. He focuses on the form presenting his own vision about it. The silhouette contours are dominant in his works; sometimes they have symbolic implications. His decorative tables, stands and window dolls are functional and at the same time are very impressive plastic pieces. He combines various materials: wood, brass, glass, and sometimes, ceramic.
 His plastic works are a combination of various styles. However, no dominating influence can be seen, neither dous he copy directly. His pieces rather show the modern outlook about style and coziness.
Velichkov has been inspired by the symbols of ancient cultures of which he makes an interesting blend. The details he uses lead to a new perception of the form and make the overall interior look stylish.
Art Critic Diana Draganova   

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