artistic dining table "Kathrin"
Artistic dining table "Kathrin" with sculpted body and broad boad of glass. Material: walnut-tree, aluminium casts, steel pipes and glass. Dimensions: 120/72 cm. Made: 2003 year.
tivart фавикон Dining table Kathrin was designed for the specific interior space. The limited dimensions of the intended space for the table necessitate finding good balance between its basic function and design. Like dining table it has to meet requirement to be comfortable enough for two and in case of need for four persons. Except for the mere function, design requirements include itself condition table essentially be an interior visual accent and in a peculiar manner the piece of art.
The first decision which these conventions necessitate is glass broad board with round form. This is a profit for the interior as well as the sculpted construction of the dining table. Tanks to its transparency, glass broad board set visual free for the room and thus escape the presence of the table like furniture. In the other hand this let us to see without hindrance constructional and conceptual design of the sculpted base.
The construction is a reference to sign design from 70’s but staying farther from industrial design and closer to the art, thanks to its wooden hand sculpted base and refined forms. At the same time is set possibility for limited edition of the table, as far as there are elements in its construction subject of mechanized manufacture. These are the bent steel pipes and castings from aluminum alloy. All the rest as well as fitting elements is exceptionally made by hand. The sculpture form in the construction is made from single piece of walnut-tree.
In case of need of transportation dinning table can be disassemble to six basic pieces: glass broad board, wooden sculpted base, two bent steel pipes and two aluminum casts. Then it can fit together only with help of hex keys.
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